Are Happy Cultures supplements safe to use?

Happy Cultures supplements are developed and formulated by subject experts and are extremely safe to be used.

What makes Happy Cultures products different from other similar products on the market?

Happy Cultures, as a brand focuses on combining Probiotics, Modern Science and Age-old wisdom in the form of Natural extracts to give the best benefits that one can ask for.

How long does it take to experience the benefits of the supplements?

Supplements form a part of alternative therapy, where it is seen that, when taken consistently for 6-8 weeks, visible results in terms of health benefits can be observed.

Can I take multiple Happy Cultures products together?

Yes, Happy Cultures products can be taken together and don’t seem to interfere in the way they work.

Are Happy Cultures products suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Happy Cultures products are suitable for Vegetarians. Individuals/ Vegans can however go through the ingredient list to check for any allergens.

Do Happy Cultures products have any side effects?

Happy Cultures are supplements and generally are safe to be consumed. However, some products can cause minor bloating or flatulence. Don’t worry! Its working well.
This usually happens when you first begin to take probiotics. Your body should gradually adapt to the new friendly bacteria, allowing for improved digestion.

How should I store the supplements?

Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Are Happy Cultures products gluten-free?

Happy Cultures products are gluten free, but few products may be manufactured at a facility where gluten products are manufactured and hence it is advised to read the Warning section on the product label carefully for any allergen information.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use Happy Cultures products?

It is always advised for Pregnant & Lactating women to consult their regular Physician or Gynaec before taking any supplements.

Can children take Happy Cultures supplements?

Not all products of Happy Cultures can be taken by children, kindly follow instructions as on label pack.

Are Happy Cultures products suitable for individuals with specific dietary restrictions or allergies?

Kindly check for allergen information on the pack if you are allergic to specific ingredients.

Are Happy Cultures products tested for quality and purity?

Every batch of Happy Cultures go through Quality Analysis as per industry standards and is checked for any Heavy metals and Impurities.

How do I track my order and what is the return/refund policy?

All Shipments have a tracking ID which is messaged on the customers mobile phone. You can track your shipment directly using the tracking ID. You can also directly reach us on our direct customer helpline and we will track it down for you.

Can I take Happy Cultures supplements alongside prescription medications?

Yes, Happy Cultures are supplements which can be administered safely alongside drugs, just ensure that there is a gap of 2 hours for supplementing Probiotics after Antibiotics therapy to ensure proper absorption and retention of gut flora.

Are Happy Cultures products backed by scientific research?

We proudly boast about a very strong Scientific Affairs Team that we have which works on the clinical relevance of every product formulated.

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